What is a DEED POLL?

A legal document proving change of name.

What can a DEED POLL be used for?

Firstly it’s proving your change of name and it is sent to all HM Government Departments to legally change your identity and documents like your Passport, Driving Licence, National Insurance and Tax Records, Mortgage, Bank Account, Benefits Office, Vehicle Registration, Immigration Service, Life Insurance, etc.

How many original DEED POLLS do I need?

We provide 10 original deed polls with 10 covering letters which should be sufficient for your needs.

The list of Contacts for organisations is long; can you assist?

Yes, we include properly addressed letters for you with your DEED POLL so all organisations you tick on the CONTACTS list are notified and this ensures your instructions reach the correct address for each department.

How do I contact the organisations?

When ordering your DEED POLL Certificates, click on the CONTACTS option and
tick all the organisations you want us to notify.

What are some uses of a DEED POLL.

You can use them for:-

  • taking your partner’s name without marriage.
  • change your name after release from prison.
  • changing a child’s name following adoption, marriage or cohabitation.
  • change a name you don’t like.
  • change a name that is difficult to pronounce or is foreign.
  • change of gender – see Change Gender.
  • any reason.

Can I order more certificates of DEED POLL in the future?

Yes, the Registry holds your DEED POLL details so simply log in to REGISTRY RECORDS any time in the future, enter your certificate name and order more copies.

Frequently Asked Questions